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“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” – Will Rogers

My writing is inpired by my farm as much as the farm is inspired by my family’s history. However small farms are often not profitable ventures, especially when you’re on the micro-scale as we are now. There’s a lot that goes into a farm, and I’m not going to lie–life, health, and family situations since our arrival on the homstead in January 2013 have not helped one bit. So I’m asking you to support this podcast, which combines my love of fiction and farming. When you do, you’ll also be helping to support the farm.

What will your support include (besides my undying gratitude)?

  • early access to podcast episodes
  • additional blog posts and materials for members only
  • additional material (including bonus author interviews) and shared with members

“The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.” – John F. Kennedy

I offer three different ways to support the podcast: direct membership, Buy Me A Coffee, and Patreon. Use the venue which feels most comfortable for you. You’ll notice the Patreon goals are a bit different than the ones listed below because it was created first; however, the funds all go into the same “pot” and accomplish the same things.

Become a Member – $5

Become a member on this site. Not only will I get the most money (compared to Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee), but your monthly contribution of just $5 will open the doors to early episodes of the podcast, bonus material, and more.


Buy Me A Coffee

Provide a one-time tip to the podcast. You’ll receive access to extras for 30 days.

Prefer to use Patreon?

Do you prefer to use Patreon? If so, here’s my link. When you join Patreon you’ll also receive the two free stories I’m writing just for my supporters there. So extra bonusy goodness.

Support the Farm Store

Check out the farm store for upcycled goods or homesteading items, all made with my trusty sewing machine. Your purchase helps the farm become more sustainable.

Podcast Goals

I’ve set up the following goals to help support the homestead. Note: No one is currently going hungry/suffering without support. However, it’s my hope that everyone on the homestead pays for themselves. Since the chickens already do for the most part, I’ve set goals to help the horses pay for themselves.

Right now the progress bar helps show us our progress toward each tier in terms of number of members it’ll take to reach the next level. I’ll mark the tiers as completed we reach them.

1 / 23

$100/month = This would cover the extra feed for the senior horses, their basic/required supplements, as well as additional hay costs.

$145/month = This would add on covering feed for the potbellied pigs each month. Plus everything at the lower goal.

$295/month = This would allow me to get the supplements that I’d like to for all the horses. Plus everything at the lower goals.

$520/month = This would cover feed for all the horses. Plus everything at the lower goals.

$775/month = This would allow me to upgrade the horses’ feed, plus everything at the lower goals.