Would you like to be interviewed on our podcast?

If your books feature rural protagonists or agriculture (Think young farmer leaving to pursue a quest or find adventure or discovering magic or trying to grow food on a newly terraformed planet.) we’d love to interview you to feature your books. Because this is a broad topic, we’re interested in speaking with authors whose books have some connection to rural life or agriculture, even if it seems superficial. Your books can be of any genre, though we find our audience doesn’t resonate well with Inspirational/Amish stories. On the other end of the spectrum, books on the steamier end of things are welcome as well, though keep in mind the podcast is not adult in nature. (Your host does drop the occasional curse word, but tries to keep those few and far between.)

Interviews will run about 20 minutes, with additional information recorded to provide to our supporters. All episodes are promoted through our social media channels and newsletter.

Ready to apply? Just fill out this form. We are closed to interviews at this time. Thank you.