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At the Fantasy Farmer Podcast (and as a voracious reader of books in general), I love reading and reviewing books, especially independently published titles. We are looking for books that have some connection to agriculture. Whether it’s a young farmer going off on a quest or seeking adventure, or your mystery set on a farm or with a farm animal side kick, I’d like to hear about it.

Important Information About Our Book Reviews

  • I cannot guarantee a specific timeframe. Books will be reviewed in the order they’re received, but I have other obligations and will not guarantee a due date.
  • Reviews will be constructive. I do not guarantee glowing, positive reviews. (I do ascribe to the “Oreo method”, where you say what you like on either side of any constructive comments.) If I truly cannot finish and/or say anything positive about the book, I will not post the review.
  • Accepted books will have some connection to agriculture.
  • However, as much as I love a good cowboy romance, I will be very selective in taking any cowboy/rancher romances for review simply because there are so many and I don’t want them to overwhelm other books. (Hey, I write western women’s lit/romance, so I get it. I also know there are a lot of review venues for them out there. My preferred genres are science fiction/fantasy/mystery.
  • I’m also happy to review non-fiction related to agriculture, though again the focus of this podcast is specultative fiction.

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