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Cora thought she had everything under control at Noble Dreams Stable, until a fall from a green horse left her with a badly twisted ankle and in need of help. It didn't help that her business partner and girlfriend, Ari, focused on her own career, leaving everything about the farm to Cora. Sure she paid her half of the bills, but Ari was gone more than she was there and when the doctor told Cora she couldn't bear weight on her ankle for a few weeks, it leaves her in a bind. One that might even cost her the farm.

However good friends come through in the time of need and with the boarders offering to help and a new arrival looking to work off board the labor of running a horse farm seemed to take care of itself. The money, however, still needed some work, especially when Ari shoots down Cora's idea of having a schooling show.

However her girlfriend isn't as distant as it seems, and when Cora decides to let Ari in, it turns out there was more than either knew being kept inside. The threat of jealousy rears its head with the new stable help, which leaves Cora needing to walk the course, so she could plot a path to save her farm and her relationship.

Note: While each book in the Noble Dreams series does stand alone, the characters appear in all the books and a fuller picture of what live, and love, is like when a bunch of thirty and forty-something equestrians learn how to balance their career, their relationships, and their equestrian dreams.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:
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