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Lora's not quite ready to take the next step with Clint. Before she can do so her friend is in trouble and needs help. It doesn't take long for Lora to realize her friend is in deep and she's the only one who believes everything will work out. Will seeing a new side of Clint doom their fledgling relationship before it gets off the ground? Or will she have compassion for a past that makes the presence difficult to watch?

Clint wants to give Lora all the time she needs after her rough divorce. He understands. He really does. Except now he's watching her fall head over heels into helping a friend with secrets that aren't his to tell and he's not sure he's ready to watch history repeat itself.

As the attraction between Clint and Lora deepens they'll each have to make some choices, both about each other and what they want out of the future.

Note: This is women's fiction with romantic elements which get stronger as the series progresses.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:
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