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As the show season begins, everything is going great for Noble Dreams. Cora has several new boarders; her students are doing well. Her relationship with Ari has never been better. The only hitch? Ari's friend Brit, a dressage rider, is back from a year in Europe and Cora just can't shake the feeling that Brit isn't everything she seems. Everyone's telling her she just needs to trust Ari, but she also doesn't want to see her partner get hurt.

When Cora's fears prove to be founded, it's up to her to protect her partner, and when the unspeakable happens, how will Ari bounce back? And will Noble Dreams be able to withstand the events that have the potential to shake it to its core?

Note: Each book in this series stands alone, and this title starts the second cycle of stories. However, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the characters by reading all the books in the series.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:
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