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Book Cover: Pegasus In Flight
Part of the The Pegasus Enchantment series:

Work progresses on the Pegasus Academy and its new Dean, Sonia Morales, and her pegasus filly find themselves dealing more and more with the daily minutiae of getting a school up and running. An act of sabotage at the school's building site reverberates through Sonia's small household with the memory of an earlier attack.

Not everyone wants magical equines to play a role in the Musimagium, let alone the school, and not everyone working there has the school's best interest at heart. Once more Sonia and the filly find themselves in danger from those who who are jealous of the pegasus and scared of their magical abilities.

If they can't protect the school grounds, then how can they hope to protect future students? And Sonia worries a former concert pianist with RA just isn't strong enough to do what's necessary. She's going to have to call on some friends, as well as her inner strength to save the academy she's grown to love.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:
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