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Mark and Eva's marriage has been going great. He's supporting her and since the year-end awards, he's been the perfect barn husband. But when he tells his wife he wants to take riding lessons, it threatens the equilibrium they've created in their relationship and Eva's not sure she can deal. Riding had always been her "me" time. What if everything changes?

However the perfect "husband horse" that Mark's using for lessons may not be so laid back and when there's a near disaster at the barn, he gets a taste of just how dangerous horseback riding can be. His newfound joy in riding quickly goes south and it's up to Eva to convince her husband that everything's going to work out, even if the ride doesn't always go as planned.

Note: This equestrian women's fiction story is a continuation of the previous stories in the Noble Dreams series, and the other characters and their horses all make an appearance here. However, you can also read this as a standalone story as well.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
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