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As the show season draws to an end, Noble Dreams Stable prepares for their tack swap and the annual awards. Will Eva win a trophy? Will Sara win again? And what happens when the two friends are in the same divisions next year? Zahra brings a new training project to Noble Dreams and Cora receives more than she ever imagined. As the year draws to a close, so much has changed, and so many new opportunities are coming in the new year.

For the four friends and their partners and spouses, will the course be perfect? Or will unseen obstacles block their path?

Note: This book is part of the Noble Dreams Series. While each book in the series stands alone--including this one- you'll receive a fuller picture of the characters and their stories if you've read the previous books. This book completes the first story arc in the Noble Dreams series which encompasses all five books.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:
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