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Episode 16: Is meat bad for the climate?

This will be the last episode before an summer break. I will be back after labor day. In this episode I talk about climate change and the impact of animal production on the climate. There are big differences in today’s cattle operations compared to those of...

Episode 14: Megadrought

I take a break from peasant-noble talk to dive into a very real, very critical issue for much of the western US. The ongoing megadrought. This has the ability to affect drinking water supplies for millions of people, agriculture and labor where the impacts will ripple...
What role do peasants really play?

What role do peasants really play?

In this episode I’m expanding on my talk of tropes and what role the working class (or in high fantasy, the peasant-class) really plays in your world. When it comes to contemporary fantasy/urban fantasy, I find these people are often as invisible as they are in...

Episode Delayed This Week

Just a quick note that this week’s episode will be delayed. I’m moving our supporter services over to Patreon, so you’ll see those button here. The $5 tier will be the supporter for the podcast. I’ll record the episode once this is done.