About Your Host

Mary Kit Caelsto traces her farm lineage back 150 years to the Iowa family farm where her family settled. As a child she loved visiting her great-grandparents’ farm, gathering eggs, watching the cows get milked, and helping her great-grandfather bucket feed the calves. (To a kid milk replacer looks like chocolate milk.) She has a genetic love of chickens (shared with her grandmother), and when she moved to her Ozarks homestead, her goal was to create a small farm with chickens and her horse.

She currently writes equestrian women’s lit and rural-set fantasy populated with many of the animals she loves.

Currently she’s finishing her Associates of Science in Agriculture (a degree started over 20 years ago) and loves talking about farm and food policy, agriculture in fiction, and livestock/animal care in general. This podcast (and website) combines her two loves.


About the Podcast

The Fantasy Farmer Podcast is at the intersection of agriculture and speculative fiction. It’s a guide for authors on how to feed their rural protagonists and agrarian civilizations. But also, it’s a way for me to share my homesteading journey with my small farm as well as my love of agriculture and food policy.

What can you hear? I’ll be reviewing books featuring this topic and interviewing authors who write books including these topics and themes. I’ll share news and updates from my farm. I’ll talk agriculture news and ways that this could impact our stories. And as an author, I’ll talk about how writers can work these issues into their writing for believable fiction.

To me, looking at agriculture and food in stories is a part of world-building. What your character eats (no matter the time period or setting) is just as important as how their society works. Even if these things don’t make it onto the page, they can build characters, create conflicts, and help support the story. It’s a stereotype that all fantasy taverns serve some kind of stew, and there are reasons for that. But also, let’s look at the rich diversity that food and the land can bring to our stories and to our lives.


About The Domain Name (MaryMuse.com)

MaryMuse.com was the first domain name I ever registered. It was meant to be my writing site and where I shared my passions. I first registered it in the late 90’s, but almost lost it and reregistered it again in the early 00’s. It seemed fitting that I use it here, so FantasyFarmerPodcast.com redirects here.