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green cover with fields and tractor of Agriculture in World History by Mark B Tauger
Book is currently running $40-70 on Amazon. I should have checked before recording the podcast. Sorry!

In this episode of the podcast, I thank my listeners for allowing me last week off and vent a bit about my sudden math class I have to take. I’m currently crowdfunding for this through my Ko-fi. Can you help? Even $3 (one “coffee”) will help a bunch.

Given that the price of the book went up since I’d purchased it last fall, you can listen to this podcast to get all the goodies. But I’ve also included the book’s Amazon link too if you’re interested.

This episode starts with Chapter 1, talking about ancient agriculture, mostly in China as well as the Americas. I discuss domestication of both crops and animals, different foods for different regions, and how trade happened much earlier than you might imagine.

Why is this important for fantasy world building? Because readers are clamoring for non-Eurocentric stories, and understanding agricultural development can help you create those worlds.

I hope you enjoy.

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