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It’s that time again. On March 9, after the eggs I bought off of eBay arrived, I put those 10 plus about 24-30 of my own into the incubator. They’re due to hatch on the 30th, which means they’ll go into “lock down” on Sunday, the 28th.

Lock Down is when I will add a bit of water to the incubator to increase the humidity and drop the temperature down to 95 from the 100.5 it’s been at. We did lose power for about 3 hours on the 18th, so I’m hoping that was just “mama chicken” getting off the nest and it won’t impact development. However at this time, I’ll take the eggs out of the egg turner, lay them on their side, then not touch anything until they hatch. I’ll keep you posted on how many I receive.

In the mean time, the quail are fully feathered and fully grown. They’ve been in the pet playpen brooder (but without heat) for a while now, and I’ll be moving them to their final cage (until we get the quail condo built) so that the brooder will be available for the baby chicks that do hatch. I’m hoping to get my first quail eggs (if I have a female) in a couple of weeks. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

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