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On Monday I posted about how I recycle shredded paper in the chicken coop and promised that I’d follow up with how you can use this for your world building. So here we are!

Now you can take this as a direct relationship where your print makers or your scribes will shred and recycle their scrap paper that would then go to the coop or the barn for livestock bedding. But, if you’re operating in a pseudo middle ages world, then there’s a good chance that there isn’t enough paper production to make that work on a larger scale. Plus, there may be other ways to pulp the paper and turn it into less fine product that could then be sold to the masses.

Mills and carpentry places could use their sawdust in much the same manner. When you think about the industries you might have in your fantasy setting and what could be done with their byproducts, the truth is there’s a lot of modern day recycling that could go on in even the most feudal of societies.

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