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This week I continue my discussion of spring planning with the topic of how to do you prepare the ground. Warning, this episode contains no small amount of talk about poop/manure. But it’s not all crappy, I promise. I explain what I’ve done here on the homestead, since Missouri’s Ozarks aren’t known for their fertile soil. (When the glaciers retreated, they dumped all their rocks in the Ozarks, and all their sediment in the Upper Midwest.) I also discuss how soil and manure management might impact your high or low fantasy settings, as well as provide a few amusing points of conflict for your characters.

But don’t worry science fiction fans. We also discuss why soil may not be an issue in some science fiction settings, as well as drama which might arise over land use when you’re colonizing a new planet. And speaking of those new planets, how do you even know what your growing season is?

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